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Have A Barcode?

What does a barcode look like?

Don’t Have A Barcode?

Please carefully check your product for a barcode. If you bought it before 2019, it might not have one, as our Fulfillment system was still under development. Unfortunately, warranties for these products have expired. However, you may still be able to get consultation and drop-off services.

To reestablish your barcode, email machine pictures, machine existing barcode picture and proof of purchase (invoices, proof of payment, etc.) to barcode@fulfillment.co.za.

Without a barcode, we cannot verify the machine vendor, ownership, warranty, or service information. As a result, no warranty will be honoured, and no service will be provided.

Product Pictured and Given Name Reflect The Current Product SKU. Actual Product May Vary At Time Of Purchase.

Product Details


Check Product Status at https://fulfillment.co.za/status

Available Warrantee

Warranty Status

Available Services

Disclaimer: The Fulfillment warehouse system only manages individual items, not entire orders. An order may contain multiple items with different warranty terms. The item names and warranty information are based on the latest vendor data and may differ from your order.

Please note that the Fulfillment system is a warehouse management tool, not a warranty management system. The status and date information can be manually changed due to stock movements or system errors. Therefore, the final audit results may differ from the information provided here.

The information on this page is for reference only.

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